Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Wobble Movement

Here is the list of names given on Power and Politics as those involved in the SERIOUS MERGER TALKS: Jean Chretien, Ed Broadbent, Roy "The Kid" Romanow, Roy McMurtry, and Joe Clark. My first clue that this story was bullshit was the reference to the NDP renouncing socialism, as a precursor to a merger. Ed Broadbent would drop dead before that happened.

By the way, they should rename Power and Politics to "Amazing Tales of Science Fiction and Fantasy". I can't believe they wasted two hours of air time on a non-event like this. I also can't believe that Evan Solomon is as stupid as he appears. No one can be that stupid and live. Imagine a host of a political show who seemingly, did not understand the difference between a coalition and a merger, and in fact insisted on using them interchangeably, despite being called on it, over and over. No, I just don't buy the stupidity defense. What I saw was a guy who needed to fill two hours of air time and didn't have much to say, so he acted dumb in order to coax anger and frustration out of his increasingly bewildered guests.
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