Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Shorter Netanyahu

We had to kill people, because they wouldn't stand idly by while we committed an act of piracy. Stupid activists.

Or, as Michael Byers puts it:
“The issue isn’t whether the passengers were violent, but whether Israel should have boarded the ships in this way at all.”

Tinfoil Hat Added Extra: Don Newman speculated yesterday on Power and Politics that the raid may have been carried out by hardliners in the Israeli government, as a means of derailing Netanyahu's meetings with Obama. Mission accomplished, if so.
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  1. Well, Egypt just opened up its border crossing.

    No more blockade.

  2. Reconciliation with the Turks may take some time. “The insolent, irresponsible and impudent attack by Israel, which went against law and trampled human honour underfoot, must definitely be punished,” Mr Erdogan said.

  3. Also, just watch. Hamas will do something really dumb, like start up with rocket attacks. Just watch.

  4. Well, if they do, that'll pull Israel's chestnuts out of the fire.

    I expect them to.

    (Mind you, if they have the self-restraint not to, that might signify that it was now time for the blockade to be lifted...)

    Re the Turks -- the current government wanted to go that way. This just gave them the excuse. Be interesting to see how US-Turkish relations develop over the next few years.