Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Line Of The Day

Courtesy of Charlie Angus, in Question Period:
Mr. Speaker, I have reserves in my riding that are so poor they do not have schools or playground equipment and I see a minister who is blowing through taxpayer money like he has won the pork-barrel lottery. This is a question of professional integrity.

The Prime Minister promised accountability and trust, so either he did not know what was happening under his watch or he totally supports this misuse of money.

Is the Prime Minister willing to take action or is he going to continue to act like Captain Bligh on steamship Tony's ship of fools?
The line about "Tony's ship of fools", is cute, but I think the first sentence of this sequence is the most spot on. Billions for gazebos and fake lakes, zero for schools for native children. Screwed up priorities much?
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