Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shorter Milliken

Thank you Iggy and Gilles for rescuing me from having to make a decision that might make the PM angry. I gave you a way to save me from having to campaign this summer and you took it. Who cares what's actually in the agreement? Woo hoo summer! Thus did the iron curtain descend on the matter. I just pray to God that the someone in the Hague is taking note.
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  1. The majority had its say.

    Just isn't the majority you wanted, that's all.

  2. Sometimes the majority is wrong. This is one of those times. Iggy is a either a fool, an accomplice or a coward. It will be fun watching him squirm when (not if) the Conservatives refuse to turn over anything (and they will).

  3. That's true.

    The majority pushing a stimulus spending program on Ottawa in December 2008 -- that was wrong. :p

    But the majority got its way, if not a change in government.

  4. Well, at least there still is the world cup. Go USA. They are my number two team after Germany, this year. I love their "Never say die" attitude. In all seriousness, it is what I love about Americans. They really believe in their hearts, they are going to win, no matter who they are playing against. If Americans want to feel good about their country, they should look to their soccer team.

  5. Americans are competitive SOBs...

    My favorite national characteristic.