Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Deal Has Another Review

This one from a Liberal-friendly paper:
Four years after Colvin began telling his superiors what they didn’t want to hear, the cover-up is complete. Conservatives can now be confident that Canadians won’t learn much more than they already know and that civil servants will think at least twice before speaking tiresome truths to powe
Talk of NDP/Liberal mergers sounds even more ridiculous today than it did yesterday. The Liberal hierarchy has found its true parliamentary partner and it isn't the NDP.
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  1. I saw it but I don't buy it. The government has never willingly shared any information with the opposition and I expect they will use every loophole to frustrate them again. It is the nature of the beast.

  2. It's acceptable until the opposition as a whole decides it isn't acceptable.

    That may sound tautological, but it's true.

    Similarly, if Harper's party gets a majority next time, whatever he says will get ratified by Parliament (within reason -- can't say, "I hereby decree that Bob Rae will be executed").