Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let Me Help You Out Gilles

Gilles Duceppe made a prediction about the fall sitting:
Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe suggested Parliament will return to the same issue that dominated the winter and spring sitting: the right of MPs to hold the government to account.

He said the government could face a contempt of Parliament motion over its refusal to let ministerial aides testify at Commons committees investigating the Guergis-Jaffer affair and political interference in Access to Information requests.
Instead of doing that Gilles, why not propose that a cardboard cutout of the ministerial aide be put at the witness table alongside his or her minister, should he or she decide to show up too? It sounds like a compromise the Speaker could live with and it will save everyone a lot of time and bullshit about how you are really going to stand up to Harper.
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