Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Over

The parties met yesterday about the Afghan detainee documents. The media didn't even bother to write about it. The government has won -- again. It must be lovely negotiating with people without backbones. It makes things so easy. We now officially live in an absolutist republican state, in everything but name. L'etat, c'est Steve.

Update: Shorter opposition parties: If you don't stop screwing around we are telling on you! This time we really mean it! To which I reply, why is this Monday's deadline any more sacred than the one from two weeks ago? Deadlines only work if they are, you know, final.

Instant Update: And when I read a sentence like "A spokesman for the Liberals said the talks are still proceeding in good faith.", I know that the fix is in.
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  1. *pats Greg on the back*
    *promises to buy drink, if there's a meet-up*

  2. Thanks Ben. I need one today (although the futbol is cheering me up).

  3. It was always about whether the opposition was willing to threaten credibly to vote down this government and fight an election on the issue. Seems not, just now.


    Will there ever be a grand TO-KW blogger meet-up?

    I missed the other ones when I was living Stateside, and I still haven't managed to meet the trending-to-former Dippers on my blogroll. (You and Alan.)

  4. Will there ever be a grand TO-KW blogger meet-up?

    Eventually. We usually coincide it with the grand arrival of Idealistic Pragmatist, on her yearly pilgrimage to U of Waterloo. This year however she went to Europe. James Bow, who is also a mover and shaker, is really busy these days. He and his wife are writers and they are being invited all over the place this year. I am headed to England and France in a few weeks myself. So, it may be a while before we call pull it off. Stay tuned because of course you are invited when it does all go down. ;)