Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What Side Are You On, Jack?

From the Grope and Flail:
Says a senior Ignatieff official: “It is too bad there were so few journalists at the hearings last week. Jacques Dupuis, the Quebec Public Safety Minister, did a great presentation. Tons of stats – facts, something the Conservatives have a hard time with – showing the registry works.”

The official noted that other witnesses, including mothers of victims of the Polytechnique, supported the Liberal proposals.

“So now it is up to Jack Layton to show some real leadership,” says the official.

That’s right — Mr. Layton has not said yet how he will deal with the 12 MPs who voted with the government. Does he whip a private members’ vote? Or does he allow the registry to be killed?
True, it is a Liberal proxy asking the questions, but they are fair questions. Will Jack Layton back the victims of L'ecole, or will he allow his members to side with the Conservatives? The world awaits the answer.
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