Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wherry Explains It All

Just as I thought:
After conferring with both sides (or at least two of the three sides) of the detainee document agreement, it would seem that this much is agreed upon.

If, in the process of producing documents, the government believes that all or part of a document may be covered by solicitor-client privilege or cabinet confidence, that document will be sent directly to the panel of arbiters. The panel of arbiters will then decide what from those documents can be disclosed to the ad hoc committee of MPs. If the panel of arbiters does decide that the document is subject to privilege, they must explain their decision to the ad hoc committee of MPs.
So, far from MP's (even those few on this special committee) "seeing everything", they will only get what the government and the panel of experts let them see. The Bloc has been had. I suspect Iggy was fully aware of what he was signing, on the other hand.
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1 comment:

  1. This one, I can agree with.

    I know why the Liberals signed on. Don't know why the Bloc did.

    (Not that I really care -- bunch of perjurers, they.)