Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Fog Is Lifting

And it is a pretty ugly sight to behold. Correct me if I am wrong, dear readers, but here is what I think the Liberals and the Bloc have agreed to.

1. They get representatives on a special committee to view documents.
2. They get a say in the creation of a "panel of experts" designed to adjudicate disputes.
3. The government has the right to challenge any document being demanded by the special committee, if that document is either a cabinet document, or the fruit of attorney client consultations between the government and its lawyers.
4. The challenged document then goes to the panel of experts who get to decide if the document does fall into either category. If it does, then it is excluded from the list of potential documents to be viewed by the special committee.

In other words, all the government has to do is satisfy a panel that a document is what it says it is and it is off the table. If that is so, then the government is virtually home and dry. I suspect that the juicy stuff will be deemed to be one or the other, since this government is well known to routinely cc their lawyers virtually everything, in order to claim attorney client privilege. So, tell me, how are we going to get to the bottom this mess given this accord? Anyone?
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