Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On Foreknowledge

Tony Keller at the Post, in an otherwise boilerplate apologia for the police, writes:
The union groups that organized Saturday’s peaceful march knew that it would be carrying rioters inside it. Everybody knew. The cops knew it, the anarchists knew it, the average Torontonian knew it. At least one newspaper even ran a map of where the rioters would likely start their rampage. The protestors nevertheless insisted that they be allowed to march downtown and get as close to the fence as possible, so that their “message would be heard.”
Ok, if everybody knew there was going to be trouble and where, why did it happen? Why did the police stand back an let the anarchists run wild, if they knew?

Update: The question of why the police allowed the original black bloc riot to go unopposed seems to be the emerging central question in this whole affair.
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