Saturday, June 05, 2010


NDP take note, whining that "Those bad old Liberals are making us do bad things!" only moves me to laugh and or retch. The party could use this opportunity as a springboard to making the changes to the registry it says it wants. It could even use it as leverage in any talks about coalition. Instead, it is using the extremely small fig leaf of Liberal intransigence over the current bill, to cover moral cowardice on the part of the leadership of the NDP. Such acts of cowardice will not win the NDP the gun lover vote, but it will absolutely guarantee that people like me park their vote somewhere else, until the party regains its bearings.
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  1. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    You must not have followed and read the links in the Jurist's post, Greg, because indeed both parties had been committed to introduce amendments in Committee, after the evidence was presented but before clause-by-clause consideration.

    However, Liberal MP Mark Holland instead moved to discontinue consideration of the bill and report it back to the House unamended. I don't know why and would have to read the proceedings transcript to find out, but the minutes the Jurist points to do make that point pretty clear.

  2. The rules of procedure wouldn't let the committee change the purpose of a private member's bill from killing the registry to keeping the registry.

    That's why passing the bill and making the gun lobby happy or defeating and making the gun lobby sad is the only choice on the table.

    And that is the choice Jack Layton has to make.

  3. Frankly Anonymous, I don't care how shitty the Liberals have been acting. If the registry is retained, then if the Liberals come calling for NDP support after the next election, the party will have leverage to make the changes it wants. Killing the registry is killing it forever and whining about the Liberals is bush league.