Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Toronto Star: The Perfect "Progressive" Newspaper

These kinds of editorials from the Star drive me insane. Today, the Star is on its high horse about P3 hospitals, questioning both their value to the public and their cost. They also pose some interesting questions to the Liberal government which is championing the P3 model. Good, right? So, why does this drive me nuts? Well, the Liberal love for P3's has been well known for some time (before the last election). The time for this kind of editorial was during the last election campaign, which as I recall, the Star was firmly behind the party it now accuses of wasting taxpayer money on P3's. How brave of the Star to bring up this issue now that the Liberals are safely in power until 2011. The Star is typical of "progressives" in this country. They bitch about the Liberals but God help anyone who suggests voting for anyone else.
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