Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brave, Brave, Brave, Sir Maxime

Shorter Maxime Bernier: "It's better to live on one's knees than die on one's feet"

Update: Maher Arar's lawyer had this reaction:
"This is what we've always suspected. It's outrageous," Toronto lawyer Lorne Waldman said yesterday. "The government is more concerned with international relations than making sure Canadian citizens aren't tortured."
If I were a minority of a faith not beloved by certain of our allies, I would be very, very, wary of crossing any borders. This government cares more for invitations to Crawford cookouts than my safety. If the Tories thought the Linda Keen firing was "difficult", they ain't seen nothing yet.

Also, if you are keeping score, this is just another fine example of how this government reacts when a problem comes up and they don't have time to write a proper script for their meat puppets - with haste and with their ideological phasers set to kill pesky reality.
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  1. "Shorter Maxine Bernier: 'It's better to live on one's knees than die on one's feet'"

    Fester, you've raised middle-aged white-male anger to the level of poetry.