Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good On The Government , But...

Do you think they might have told Canadians about this important shift in policy? Do you think this was yet another ham-fisted attempt to "manage" public opinion ahead of the Manley report? As we have been discussing. This government does political maneuvering against the Liberals well. It's all the other stuff it has problems with. Hat tip to Ace.

Instant Update: Also, given that our government might be handing over these prisoners directly to the Americans, might this not explain why they were so quick to deny that the Americans should be included on the "torture" list (but tellingly did not strongly object to Afghanistan's inclusion)?

Update 2: Off topic but meaningful. Here is another view of the situation in Afghanistan. The problems seem intractable but if someone has suggestions, I am open to them. They seem though, beyond the power of 1000 more troops to correct.
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