Tuesday, January 08, 2008

An Exerpt From Stephen Harper's Diary

January 8, 2008. Thank God the House is not in session. Never mind. When I am appointed Maximum Supreme God-Head, things will be different.

Update: Ms. Keen has some steel in her spine. I suspect the Conservatives have just invited God's wrath upon themselves. Good.

Update 2: I suspect the PMO is calling all over town looking for advice about how they can go about shutting down this web site.
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  1. re: update 2

    Good point. I just downloaded a couple of pdf files.

  2. Bleeeeeeeeech. I cant believ I was redirected to this website.
    Excuse me while I was off the stink of sour communism and misinformation.

  3. Don't worry curious, the stink washes right off.