Thursday, January 17, 2008

Has Harper Jumped The Shark?

John Ivison asks this morning. He also adds:
But does anyone seriously think Mr. Harper emerges from the isotope screw-up looking more competent or trustworthy?
The answer to the first question is yes and to the second, no. This whole Keen firing stems from Harper's unscripted remark in the House about her being a Liberal. From that moment on her fate was sealed. What has transpired since then has been an attempt by the government to justify Harper's remarks, even going so far as to fire Keen, with the certain knowledge that Canadian taxpayers will have to pick up the tab for any lawsuit.

The opposition, if it is smart, will use this case as a prime example of Harper's lack of leadership. It is painfully obvious to even a casual observer that Harper is completely out to sea, unless he has absolute and total control of every last contingency. If even one thing is not in his control, he is in big trouble.

His fights with the ethics commissioner, the head of the Wheat Board, the head of Elections Canada and now Linda Keen, all have one common thread: Harper can not deal with independent actors. He is completely unable to work with others if they are not meat puppets. If any outside actor does not toe his line, he attacks. How can a government be sustained when its head can't work with the bureaucracy? In the long run, the answer is, it can't. If the government's leader cannot work with and inspire the people who works for him, he will fail. Harper has consistently shown he can do neither and he too will fail. Harper is not a leader. He is obviously not up to the job.
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