Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Honest Debate?

I was going to write about this, but Kady has done such a great job, go read her. After you read Kady, go read Robopundit. I suspect he is one of those "pundits" to whom Kady is referring (though to be fair, he isn't totally gung ho). It is becoming conventional wisdom among the MSM chatteratti that Manley's report is the only "serious" option among "serious"people.

In fact, I believe I heard Newman say, in tones that were just short of ecstatic, that "It was like finally, the adults were in charge". Well, that might be so, but the "adults" seem to be suggesting that if we only had a 1000 more troops, we could beat the Taliban on the battlefield. Does anyone really believe a 1000 troops stand between us and total victory? Dion, I think sees this fallacy , but he is being boxed in by the Ignatieff wing of the party and the "serious" people of the MSM. If he doesn't go along with the "let's do more of the same, but more so" crowd, he is going to get fried by those same "serious" pundits.

Update: Radwanski is most definitely, a "serious" fellow.
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  1. There was a time when George W. Bush was regarded as "serious" and an "adult." Remember when the "age of irony" was supposed to have ended?