Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bravo Warren Kinsella

For slapping at the right wing morons who are attacking the CBC. Unfortunately, I don't expect showing up the Post as being hypocritical on this issue will silence the Blogging Tories. To them it is perfectly ok for the Tories to be fed stuff from the Post, because the Post is privately owned ( a line the Post editorial faithfully parrots). They firmly believe that the CBC, since it is public must be seen to be "non-partisan", which is code for must always report the government line (well the Harper government line at least) without question or comment. In other words, the CBC is to become Tass (at least until the next Liberal government, when it will be expected to slice up the new boys without mercy).
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  1. Greg you pansy. Say something original instead of parroting Warren K and the Liberal doctrine ad infinitum. If Ezra "loses" so will you and I, losingthe ability to speak your mind will be whittled away just a bit more and a bit more and a bit more. Especially when you try to shout "neo-con" from your pulpit. You may find that a reasonable society is n longer so agreeable to your inflections, especially if they are fundamentalists who see themselves as true neo-cons. Think about it on your own. And think about this I'm the ONLY idiot besides you who has commented on your foul lil site.