Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Am With Blatchford On This One

Almost. I disagree that the PMO got a totally free pass on this , initially. Skepticism was more the rule than the exception in the coverage I read. It was only on the right side of the aisle where the PMO's word was accepted as Holy Writ.

It amazes me how Tories can on the one hand say they love, love, love the military and on the other, use that same institution as their private whipping boy. Talk about your situational ethics.

Update:It seems some people in the military are not falling for the professions of love from our government.
I need to repeat: I am a card carrying, regularly contributing true blue Conservative; I wouldn’t vote for Dion’s Liberals if they were the only choice on the ballot and I think Gilles Duceppe and Jack Layton, and their parties, are bad jokes. But: I am not blind to the fact that Prime Minister Harper and his close, personal staff are anti-military and, at the very best, weak sisters when it comes to the Afghanistan mission.

They (Harper’s closest advisors and staff assistants) have lied, over and over again, about Gen. Hillier in an attempt to control or undermine him and to subvert his “message” to the armed forces he heads and to Canadians – the parents, spouses, children, brother and sisters and friends and neighbours of our armed forces’ members.

Prime Minster Harper has been a notable and singular failure at explaining (much less defending) the mission in Afghanistan – most likely, I believe because he only considers the mission as a partisan political device that he can use to sow dissention in the ranks of the Liberal Party of Canada. In other words: Prime Minister Harper – my prime minister, head of my party – cares little about the troops and their mission. His only concern is the next election.
It is good to see that our armed forces contain people who are smart enough not to be gulled by political BS. I am troubled though, that it contains people who are now alienated from every last political party in Canada. But hey, why should they be any different from the rest of us?
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