Saturday, January 05, 2008

Compare And Contrast

Politics of hope:

Politics of cynicism. It has been two years and the Harperites have completely mastered the Friday afternoon news dump. Bravo.
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  1. It's all rhetoric.

    Pretty rhetoric. And rhetoric means something. (Unites countries, sometimes. Nixon took 49 states, remember.)

    But don't break your heart if/when a President Obama doesn't live up to it.

  2. Of course, he doesn't need to -- four or eight years of a president as left wing as he is will have his core supporters deliriously happy.

    The nation is never brought together -- when there's sixty percent on one side (which Obama may well do), the other forty percent fights like cornered rats. (See 1980s Democrats, 1930s Republicans, etc., etc.)

  3. I am not a big booster of Obama, but I appreciate a good speaker and man can he speak. I don't see him as particularly left wing. More importantly, I don't think he does either. He is consciously trying to be a centrist. Ironically, his best role model is Bill Clinton. I think he will run a moderate Republican administration if he wins.

    As for Nixon taking 49 states.... The reason for his "victory" was also the reason he had to resign two years later. Ironically, he did unite the country (albeit briefly), but not for the reasons he would have wished.

  4. Nonsense -- he's the very opposite of Canada's Liberals, who talk left and vote right. Obama talks centre-right and votes left.

    Last year, Obama got 100 percent scores from the AFL-CIO, League of Conservation Voters and Planned Parenthood and an “A” rating from the National Education Association on their most recent scorecards.

    He's the ideal Democratic presidential candidate in a year that is naturally trending Democrat.

    If they don't nominate him, they have rocks for brains.

    [Go Hillary! ;-)]

  5. Point taken, but the article does point out he works well with conservatives too.

  6. Sure, he'll compromise -- you'll do it his way. And he'll be awfully, awfully pleasant about it, the whole way through.

    He's a guy who'll get things done.