Friday, January 18, 2008

Jason Kenney Superman Or Hitman?

Jason Kenney is an amazing man. One week he is a nuclear expert, the next he is an expert on Canada's foreign policy. One wonders when he gets the time to run his own portfolio?

Update:Last night's "At Issue" panel had some interesting things to say about the whole Pakistan thing. The podcast isn't up as of 7:30 am EST, but I am sure it will be shortly.

Update the Second: Thanks to my anonymous commenter, I present yet another piece of the puzzle that is Jason Kenney. Mr. Kenney takes the time to answer a letter sent to him by Khurrum Awan of the Canadian Islamic Congress.

Notice Mr. Kenney's style. It is perfectly in sync with the new ethos sweeping Ottawa. Why defend one of the agencies of your own government when you can attack it (characterizing a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission as "an attack on freedom of expression") and the person defending it? Are we to expect the head of the Commission to be fired like Linda Keen if it rules contrary to the wishes of Mr. Kenney? Notice too how he takes the time to send a copy of his letter to Mr. Awan's employer for "clarification". It takes a special kind of man to go out of his way like that. Mr. Kenney is just that kind of man. No wonder Stephen Harper calls on him whenever he needs someone kneecapped. He is Stephen Harper's kind of guy.
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  1. Well, he also had time to write this letter, which assuredly is within his portfolio

  2. Thanks for the link. I think it adds to the overall picture of the man.

  3. Actually, he is doing his job -- he's parliamentary secretary to the PM. (And yes, he's Stephen Harper's kind of guy.)

  4. (And yes, he's Stephen Harper's kind of guy.)

    Oh, don't I know it. Thanks for reminding me about him being Harper's Parliamentary Secretary. I will treat any remark from Kenney as coming from Harper himself from now on. It sure puts Kenney's feelings about the Human Rights Commission into context.

  5. That shouldn't be news to you.

    Harper hates the HRCs. (Actually, I guess that was your point.)

    Anyway, though they have differences -- I think that Harper's moderately pro-choice and Kenney's strictly pro-life, for one -- his statements probably should be taken as authoritative re the government's position on things.