Thursday, January 10, 2008

That's For The Courts To Decide

John Ivison is shaking his head over the latest antics of organ grinder, Steve Harper and his pet monkey, Gary Lunn. In fact, Ivison claims that Lunn is channeling Homer Simpson these days. I would agree. Ivison makes an interesting point about whether or not the government has "cause" to fire Linda Keen.
She concluded that Mr. Lunn can't fire her unless the government can prove just cause, "and there are no grounds upon which an objective reviewer would conclude that cause exists in my case."

Ms. Keen may be overreaching herself on this point. Eminent policy analyst and scholar Donald Savoie suggests that this interpretation is debatable.

"It depends on where you sit. There may be cause in the eyes of the government, and it will probably come down to the courts to decide," he said.
As we have seen before, this government and this Prime Minister are not shy about saying "So sue me". By the time Steve and his thugs are finished, the taxpayers in this country may on the hook for millions in compensation. That is, in anyone's book, just cause to fire them.
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