Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Linda Keen Fired

The third worldization of Canada continues apace. Linda Keen was fired in the dead of night. I guess she should just count herself lucky that she wasn't "disappeared". I hope taxpayers are ready to pay out big time, cuz we are going to be sued. Psycho Steve and the Gang That Can't Shoot Straight have outstayed their welcome. Time for them to go.

Update: If Kady O'Malley's scenario plays out, this could get ugly. If we were anyone other than Canadians, riots in the streets ugly. Revolution ugly. As it is, I would say the government's days are numbered in the low two digits.
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  1. You know what? If the opposition wants an election, it can have an election. All it has to do is vote down the budget or a supply bill.

    Easy as pie.

  2. Oh, and my prediction: we'll make it to 2009 before we head to the polls again.

  3. Well you did call Michigan for Romney...but I think you are wrong about 2009. My bet is the budget will not pass.

  4. You think Dion will finally grow some stones and vote it down?

    Maybe. He should.

    But I'd have said that about last fall, too -- there's a reason why I created an "Election 2007" tag for a bunch of posts on my blog. I thought he'd be a man and go for it.


    He'd have a decent shot in a campaign. Harper's actually very good on the trail -- has always picked up support -- but it's got to be better for Dion to fight it out than to endure the death-by-a-thousand cuts he's going through while he abstains.

    Dion might show us something he didn't seem to have on the campaign trail -- goodness knows, the current PM did during the last campaign. (Or they'll all fail and we'll elect the Rhinos, a la James Bow's scenario.)

  5. I think he will. The opposition would be crazy to let the government go until October 2009. For one thing, the House will not be in session for the whole summer of 2009 and that will give the Tories a huge advantage. For another, this Keen firing is an outrage and the government must be held to account.

  6. I feel safer now that I know nuclear safety standards are being set by political strategists.

  7. Me too Ace and my stock in Consolidated Lead Underwear went up 6 points this morning!

  8. I had been wavering about whether there should be an election. I don't like the Harper government one bit, but I still wasn't sure.

    Now I am. Cast them out. And regardless of the precise outcome, the Liberals and whomever else should form a coalition if necessary. The current ongoing Chalk River/Nuclear fiasco is proof enough that the CPC is neither sufficiently responsible nor mature enough to be running a beauty pageant much less the federal government.