Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beware Harpers Speaking Of Greeks

Psycho Steve was at it again. Really, he is becoming Canada's answer to Britney Spears. Yesterday, there was a bizarre exchange in the House of Commons between a Bloc member and Steve, over the alleged misdeeds of his press liaison and a Mr. Leo Housakos, a Tory fund raiser and recent VIA Rail board appointee:
"The prime minister cannot plead ignorance concerning what Mr. Housakos did," said Guimond.

"It was his own government that appointed him to Via Rail. In that context, can the prime minister tell us whether he himself has met Mr. Housakos at 24 Sussex, his official residence?"

Harper shot back in French: "The Bloc member mentioned two people who are of Greek origin: one who was an employee here in Ottawa, another one who is a supporter of the Conservative party in Montreal. The fact that (there's) two Montreal gentlemen of Greek origin doesn't mean there's a conspiracy here."
Now the question is, why would the psycho one even mention the ethnicity of the two gentlemen? You just know it was a political calculation of some kind (as bizarre as that sounds). Was Steve sending a message to the pure laine in Quebec that he knows that Quebecois are not crooks, it's the Goddamn immigrants? Or, was he trying, in his own charming way, to send a message to the Greek community that he has hired a couple of guys from their fold and the Goddamn Liberals (because even though this was a Bloc question, it's all about the Liberals) are picking on them? It's a head scratcher, but given the context(Steve speaking in French), I suspect it was the former. In Steve's twisted and sick world view any scandal involving Quebecers must in no way be connected with Quebecois, not when there are seats in such garden spots like Herouxville to be won.
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