Tuesday, August 03, 2010

When The Truth Won't Work

This government has no trouble lying. Christ, I don't even know where to begin with Steamboat Tony's minion's latest steaming pile:
“I think we've already presented a pretty reasonable position: and that's if Canadians wish to give the information to the government – to census takers – then by all means they can,” Mr. Waddell said. “We just think it's absurd that anyone should be threatened with jail time or fines, and we're not going to budge on that.”

Mr. Waddell suggested that the opposition parties are not interested in compromise. He noted that during a Commons Industry committee meeting last week, the Conservatives’ political rivals signalled they are only interested in restoring the previous census regime.

“When that committee meeting ended, it was the opposition parties who banded together and voted in favour of there being only one option – and to their mind that's full reinstatement of the mandatory long form, including jail fines and monetary penalties,” Mr. Waddell said. “And if that's their position, we can't support it.”
The fact that every statistician in the world says that a voluntary census will be useless doesn't phase Mr. Waddell. As for threating jail or fines, well, that is true except for the parts of the census that still threaten jail or fines, like the short form and the agricultural census.

And while it is true that the Industry Committee did pass a motion demanding that the long form be reinstated, there have been plenty of signals, at least from Layton, that the opposition would drop the jail penalties (which, have never been used) from the act. Really, the lies are getting more desperate by the day and Harper's lame excuses for hiding behind his children are quickly losing their charm.
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