Monday, August 09, 2010

Oh, The Honesty

That the government this citizen supports was as honest about its intentions:
Dude: Very slowly now: Libertarians don't want to tinker with the census, we want to destroy it, the bureaucracy behind it, and the money sucking programming it spawns.
The only reason I support the gov'ts plan is to fatally undermine the institution that socialists like you abuse every day to further your demented ideology.
I want the gov't to collate the info it already has about us because I suspect many lefties will be going to shiny new jails if they do.
I know it is an unrealistic dream. The Harperites lie about their intentions (or hide in their bunker and say nothing) because they know they would be turfed in milliseconds if they didn't.
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  1. "I suspect many lefties will be going to shiny new jails if they do."

    That doesn't sound very libertarian to me.

    I wouldn't describe Harper's hidden agenda as libertarian. More neo-conservative or corporatist. I am hesitant to bring out the f-word.

  2. I know, but a lot of so-called libertarians are pretty selective in their libertarianism. The Sun loves to pretend it is libertarian, except when it comes to the "war on drugs".

  3. I do not understand why libertarians, of all people, want the government to be conducting itself with inaccurate information.