Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Not A Risk...

It's a promise:
The first four days of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Arctic tour were all about claiming Canada's right to the great white north.

But the last night of his Arctic odyssey was about painting Canada in Tory blue.

Harper addressed a crowd of party faithful jammed into the Whitehorse Inn.

He trumpeted the Conservative's achievements in the economy but warned that his party needed a stable mandate when the next election comes.

The alternative, Harper said, is a coalition of the Liberals, Bloc and NDP and the risk that the work of the last four years would be undone.
We can only hope that a coalition would undo the damage that Harper and his psychopathic band of lunatics has done to this country. I can't wait, myself. The only thing standing in the way of this glorious possibility, is the leader of the Liberal Party.
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  1. It'll be baked in the cake. Unlike last campaign, the voters will be well aware of the possibility, and ready for it.

    And if the leader of the Liberals won't bite, well, after five to seven years of PM Harper, Ignatieff's caucus may see fit to dump him for someone else who likes the idea more -- like Rae.

  2. Yes please! Let's undo the damage done by the Conservative government. If we elect another Conservative government, we risk damaging our country much further.