Monday, August 30, 2010

I Am Just A Simple Blogger, But

More faux populist bullshit from the Conservative press. You know the stuff I mean. It always begins "I am just a simple "insert favorite prosaic profession here"", and then proceeds to rail against "the elites" and (in this case) against "coercion" as a method for cooperating on the census. It is funny how these working class heroes never rail against the owners of the country, nor for the abolition of coercive laws against drug possession or trespassing, isn't it? Perhaps the state should pay me not to take drugs and to not make myself comfortable in my neighbor's living room, too. Really, this is just more crap from the endless manure conveyor belt that is the modern conservative movement. Sadly, there seems to be a willingly stupid 30% of the population that eats this shit with a spoon.
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