Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm Not Worried Either Jack

But there will be consequences if the long gun registry goes down with your party's help and denunciations -- lots of denunciations.
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  1. If those consequences are Canadians see there is one party in parliament which will let MPs vote the way their constituents want then I welcome that. Seriously that is what we call Democracy, people in Toronto should not be telling people in Charlottetown how to vote sorry that is WRONG. That is not democracy.

    For every one gun registry there is 100 other private members bills the NDP need no whipped. Like ones climate change, womens rights, and equity issues and a bunch of bind people who do not see how this one vote will effect the future of parliament are running for the cliff. DO NOT WHIP THIS VOTE. It will kill progressive issues in the future.

  2. Here is are some problems, Robert:

    No one is going to care if the NDP had a free vote on the gun registry. People will care if the NDP is accused of getting rid of the gun registry which will hurt women and other vulnerable groups.

    Another problem that the NDP faces is that if the party loses seats, it will lose them in the rural areas. If it wants to win seats, it needs to compete against the Conservatives in partly or mostly rural ridings. The Liberals, on the other hand, can win seats in the suburbs of Canada where people may wish to keep the gun registry in some form.

    I do think that it was a good but late move by Jack Layton to suggest amendments that will give is own MPs reasons to oppose the Conservative private member's bill.

    Remember, only five percent of a voter's decision is based on the local candidates. The parties and leaders matter for the other 95%.

  3. Calling this a free vote (what a joke that is) is a pretty thin shield, protecting Jack Layton from the truth that the rural caucus would rather cave to the gun nuts than stand for party policy.

  4. I care if my MP represents me or if they represent Toronto. I don't live there and my opinion may very will differ from theirs. I think if you did some polling you would see there are places where MPs in the NDP would be voting against the wishes of the people they represent. That isn't democracy.

  5. Are you agreeing with Ignatieff's "No Darn Principles" line?

  6. I agree with the line, but speaker should choke on it.