Monday, August 09, 2010

Money, Hate And Data Based Policy

The Conservative government is giving money to help combat hate crimes against organizations. I have two questions. How do they know this is a problem and how will they measure success? My guesses, given how the Conservatives roll, a) Peter Kent's neighbor saw a story on Global about hate crimes and b) Vic Toews will wait a few weeks and then ask a cab driver in Winnipeg if he's heard anything lately about hate crimes.
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  1. I hate the people who live in Peter Kent's Thornhill. They are always always inciting division in Canadian society. The people of Thornhill living on the Vaughan and Markham sides of Yonge Street are known to have heated arguments against each other. Last year, the Thornhill Village Festival lasted two weekends--one for each side of Yonge Street. :)