Saturday, August 14, 2010

Progress Of A Kind

Watching Power and Politics yesterday, I was struck by the exchange between Vic Toews and Evan Solomon, over the issue of terrorists on the recently seized Tamil ship. Given the way this government likes to make claims, based on what the world looks like through beer goggles, it is always prudent to ask for evidence when dealing with one of its members. To his credit, Mr. Solomon repeatedly did ask for evidence of terrorist infiltration of the ship. Clearly taken aback, Mr. Toews retreated into a "Well, I had an intelligence briefing, so there just have to be terrorists involved', stance. It was clear, that Vic Toews has no evidence. None. The fact that he had to essentially admit that he was making unsubstantiated claims, in public, is at least progress. It won't stop the Conservatives from spouting bullshit, but calling them on it, is no longer considered rude by the MSM.
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