Saturday, August 21, 2010

Then And Now

"The same-sex legislation is a question of human rights, that's why it's a fundamental question of principle in our party and we won't be able to accept members voting against the party position," Layton said. (Toronto Star. Toronto, Ont.: Jan 28, 2005. pg. A.06)
But unlike the Liberals, Layton isn't whipping his members to vote against the government, allowing them instead to "represent their constituents.”

"Our members are in constant touch with their constituents," Layton said Friday. "Our members represent their constituents, and always have, and have brought their views forward."
What are we to conclude? That in the last five years, the NDP has abandoned fundamental principles in favor of the old Reform motto of "Constituents uber alles"? Or, is this a recognition that Layton is unable to hold his caucus in line and is now trying to make a silk purse out of a pile of shit?
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