Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Stockwell Day Lives In An M.C. Escher World

Campbell Clark attempts to follow Stockwell Day as he travels up and down the staircases of his mind:
Although the official crime rate is going down, a senior Harper government minister says there is reason to disbelieve the statistics and spend billions of dollars on new prisons: an “alarming” increase in unreported crime.

Stockwell Day’s argument is based on a Statistics Canada survey, conducted like a large poll, which showed a slight rise in unreported crimes – though the increase was in property crimes and petty theft, not violent crimes. And the survey was conducted in 2004 – an ironic twist given that Mr. Day made his case only minutes after he maintained that the long-form census is not very reliable because it can be as much as five years out of date.
Mr. Clark was treated for "strained brain" and released. Medical authorities have warned others that trying to follow Stockwell Day's thinking is dangerous and should only be attempted while using "extreme caution".
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