Monday, August 16, 2010

Still Not Getting It

From today's Toronto Star:
“When the government uses words like smuggling, Tamil Tigers and terrorists, most Canadians assume there is evidence,” said Siemiatycki. “But there isn’t … and making statements like that is irresponsible and does terrible injustice to the people on the boat.”
When will people realize that "evidence" is no longer prized in Ottawa? The government's actions on the census, the long gun registry and Stockwell Day's musings on "unreported crime", all contradict evidence. The point is, evidence is objective and appeals to the rational and is therefore suspect. In Stephen Harper's Ottawa, the emphasis is on messages that appeal to the limbic system. Stephen Harper and his mini-Republicans have learned that if you push those primitive emotional buttons and scare people to the brink of insanity, you can get them to accept just about any government policy. Evidence is the tool of the prey, not the predator, the weak, not the strong. This is a government of predators. Don't look for evidence there.
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