Friday, January 23, 2009

Sadly, No

Don Martin thinks Canadians are brain dead. How else to explain this bit of brilliance from yesterday:
All the Liberals need to do is nitpick at the budget's flaws, ridicule the squandering of surpluses their party generated starting in 1998 and swallow their pride to abstain from voting for or against a free-spending budget that could noose the Harper government.
So, the Liberals can bitch about the budget and then let it pass by abstaining? That worked so well for Dion that I can't believe the Liberals actually dumped the guy. The bottom line is this, despite cover fire from CanWest, the Liberals have two choices. They can support the government and own the budget, whether that support comes from abstaining or voting in favor; or they can vote against the budget and take their chances with the GG. Canadians won't be fooled into thinking the Liberals are "really" opposing the government, when they are voting with it. That kind of logic only works on CanWest columnists and Stephane Dion.
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