Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let Me Lay It Out For You

The NDP will not vote for the budget because they have concluded (rightly) that Stephen Harper is a lying sack of human excrement. Harper will promise to cure bad breath in this upcoming budget. He will claim to have found the formula for turning lead into gold. He will, in short, say anything to save his own job. To those (and there are many, both in the MSM and in the comments sections of our newspapers) who suggest that is irresponsible to reject something out of hand without seeing it first, I would ask you what value is there in listening to the proposals of a serial liar? How much stock can anyone put into anything Harper says? The issue here is not economics, it is trust. Harper has lost it and the NDP is not willing to be consciously fooled in order to stave off the "horror" of a potential election or (if you read the corporate press) the prospect of a government that includes the NDP. In my opinion, it is much more "responsible" to call out a liar than to be fooled willingly, for fear of being ridiculed by a press that is in the bag for the status quo. Good on the NDP and shame on the cowards of our punditariat.
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