Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's On, By The Look Of It

With all of the leaks coming out about the budget, culminating with the PM signaling the inclusion of permanent tax cuts (to permanently cripple the government and force cuts in services down the line), it appears that Harper has come to some conclusions. He may think Iggy is not serious in his opposition to permanent tax cuts. Or, Harper may think that even if Iggy is serious, he is too chicken to bring him down over tax cuts. Or, Harper, given his paranoid nature, may be convinced that the "conspiracy" to get him is unstoppable so he might as well start the election campaign now. Here's hoping that Iggy is serious and does have backbone and that the Governor General tells Harper to go seek treatment and gives the job to someone a little less crazy, by this time next week.

Update: The punditocracy still insists that Iggy will back down however, on the theory that no one will notice his alliance with Harper and that he can pick a hapless Harper off later (or as I like to call it, the Dion Gambit). If next week goes down the way our MSM overlords say it will, expect many trees to die, as the MSM sings the praises of a "wise" Iggy (though not as many trees as in the past). Harper, on the other hand, will know know the score and will treat Iggy with the same care and love that he showed the last Liberal leader who bent over for him.
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  1. re: "Here's hoping that Iggy is serious and does have backbone..." I too hope this is the case.

    If I am right, Iggy is going to have to decide his response to the Budget based on this "poison pill" - see:

  2. Interesting and very disturbing.

  3. "Permanent tax cuts" is a meaningless phrase. Any government can introduce a tax and any government can get rid of one. And any later government can re-introduce them.

    The Tories did all of these things with the Martin tax cuts when they came into office.

    I don't think Iggy is going to vote them down.