Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Read Jeff Simpson Today

If you want to see, in one column, the distilled version of the received truth of our nation's pundits. For the record:

A) The coalition was a stupid idea.
B) Iggy is too smart for such a stupid idea.
C) If he votes with the government, we will give him cover fire, because it distances him from Dion and we really didn't like that guy.
D) We don't like Jack Layton. He should get cancer and die. Power loving commie bastard.
E) We don't like Harper either, but better a psychotic conservative than a socialist any day.
F) The Liberals are afraid of an election.
G) The budget will pass after the Liberals complain and shake their fists at it. We will describe it as a win for the nation.
H) It's all meaningless anyway since everyone knows Canadians are stupid and greedy and will forgive a government anything, as long as they are bribed well enough.

You're welcome.
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