Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Liberals Beware

I watched Harper's press conference in Vancouver last night and was struck, once again, at his skill at using the Liberals as his meat shield. This time it was on the issue of Omar Khadr's fate. I wish I had a link to the video (if anyone can find one, let me know), because his answer to the question posed to him by the Quebec press about why he didn't intervene on Khadr's behalf, should give pause to the elements within the Liberal party who are eager to roll over and pass his budget. I am paraphrasing but he began his answer by saying he was continuing the policy of the previous Liberal government.

If Liberals allow the Harper budget to pass, they will hear forever, the words "Well, I am just following the budget that was passed with the help of the Liberal Party", whenever Harper is asked about anything to do with the state of the economy. Think about that for a while before abandoning the idea of a coalition. Either way your party is going to own the recession. You might as well be in the driver's seat instead of being tied up in the trunk.
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  1. Easy. Say you'll pass it with emendations that look trivial to the ordinary person but are hot-button issues to Harper's base. In other words, give him two choices on which way and from whom he wants to get hammered, but no choice at all about getting hammered.

  2. Sunsin > That sounds like Harper's trick.