Saturday, January 31, 2009

Liberal Platonism

This is a really depressing thing to read. It is about the most cynical (even for me) view of the Canadian voter you will read today. Seriously, all that was missing was the word "sheeple" and it could have come from a Blogging Tory, circa 2005. The thesis of the article posits that the people are stupid and easily manipulated and rather than even try to help them understand the lies they are being fed, it is "smarter" to let them suffer the consequences of their stupidity, so they will naturally fall into the waiting arms of the Liberal Party. I don't doubt for a second that is the "logic" behind his party's move to support the government, but I have never seen contempt for voters so baldly stated before in a Liberal blog. In fact, I haven't seen this much contempt for democracy since I read the "cave allegory". I thank this young man for his honesty. It is a refreshing change from the self-serving happy talk, I usually see on Liberal blogs.

An Oy Update: Wow, Liberals are really feeling their oats these days. They aren't even bothering to cover up their arrogance anymore. If you want to read what the Liberal Party stands for, read Adam Radwanski.
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  1. Interesting logic.

    "We will win government by... not winning government."

    I rather like Colby Cosh's line right now on the Liberals: Ignatieff seems determined to run as a man who signed up for a coalition, but was never in favour of it, and who passed a budget, but reserves the right to criticize its effects. This is being described with words like "shrewdness."

    Who knows. Maybe it is?

  2. Let me just clarify.

    None of this makes me happy. It makes me angry.

    I can't even go to a social event this week where one single person is talking about any of these issues and they're huge!

    If I try to bring it up with people all they know about it is there's a stimulus package and that's what Obama says we need so it's good and that's why Obama's coming to Ottawa.

    These are all misleading.

    And these opinions are common.

    These people are getting what they pay for with their ignorance and trying to reason with them will not work because listening to arguments and thinking about them is something they don't feel like doing.

    It is all of our responsibility to keep a hawk-like eye on our governments in a democracy and when we do not we are ripe for the picking. That is where we are now in this country.

    In the spirit of what all of these voters seem to think democracy is, let them have their democratically elected government and see what it really is.