Thursday, January 22, 2009


To "lighten" the mood. For Dan, who told me he would never watch last week's episode of BSG again, a tidbit from Ron Moore:
My attitude was pretty much, “Look, we’re in the last chapter here. Anyone who’s come this far and doesn’t want to watch the rest -- they’re a minority at best.” People are going to want to see how this turns out. And yeah, this is a very dark chapter. This may not even be the darkest chapter.
Oh and who nuked the Earth? I predict it was BSG.

Update: Just to be clear. Dan still loves the show, but the darkness of last week's episode was soul ripping.
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  1. Your taste in politics may leave a lot to be desired, but you taste in TV shows is a different story. Yeah, last week's BSG was awfully bleak, like a sledgehammer to the gut. But it was also BSG at it's best. Incredibly powerful & compelling & something that leaves you thinking for a long, long time afterwards.