Thursday, January 22, 2009

And People Wonder Why I Am Cynical

News Item: Hoyer: Obama Unlikely to Investigate Torture. Obama talks right pretty, but he is, in the end, an empty-suit liberal.

Added Bonus Snark: America won't torture... unless it is necessary.

Friday Update:Glenn Greenwald calls Bullshit.
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  1. You can float the "post-partisan" meme or you can indict your predecessors.

    You can't do both.

    A plurality of Americans still would keep Gitmo open. That's where the country's at.

  2. You also can't say that no one is above the law but in the next breath say "Let's just forget about the past and move forward."

  3. That Greenwald post shows new polling data.

    Interesting shift.

  4. Interesting shift.

    Yes it is and the Obamaites ignore it at their peril.

  5. It may simply reflect the portion of the American populace who are willing to trust the president.

    That is, there's a certain percentage -- say it's around a fifth of the country -- who tend to say, "If the president says we've got to do it, I trust him."

    Bush said we did, Obama now says we don't.


    Of course, if the current administration decided to bring the previous administration up on charges, this current snapshot may again change...