Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Color Me Unimpressed

Well, that was anti-climactic. I knew this was a strong possibility, but the reality is pretty sobering. We now have, in effect, a Liberal/Tory coalition. The Liberals agree with the direction (if you can call that unfocused spend-a-thon a direction) of the budget and are demanding a few tweaks and regular reports as the price for allowing the government to carry on destroying the country. About the only fun thing about this whole thing is watching the Liberals insisting to anyone who will listen that they are still virgins and that this new partnership was conceived immaculately.

Update: According to Scott, the Liberals are not even asking for those few tweaks. So, how is Iggy different from Dion?

Final WordI wish Layton's response sounded less angry (though I can understand the feeling). The Liberals and the MSM are loving the opportunity to laugh in his face (talk about being sixteen year olds).

Final Final Word: All that is left is the wait for the cover fire from the MSM. Iggy's retreat will be heralded as the triumph of a new Napoleon, come down from the mountain to lead us all to the promised land. Count on it. Somewhere, Stephane Dion is looking out at the snow and sighing.
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  1. Reg:

    I am not laughing in his face.

    Jack made an absolute fool of himself in front of a national audience today. He came off as an insolent child with no interest in anything except for the defeat of the government. Frankly, I think he may have ended his political career with his antics.

  2. Unlike Iggy who proved you can suck and blow at the same time.