Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear Impolitical

Thank you for your prompt reply. I know that you yourself are a progressive with impeccable street cred. That is not in question. I do however question your party, which has supported and sadly, looks to continue to support, the right wing agenda of the Harper government.

Are you proud that your leader did not move an amendment calling for the end on the attack on pay equity? Are you proud that your party did nothing to change the problems in EI? Are you happy that your party is supporting a budget with permanent tax cuts, something your leader said he wouldn't do, only a couple of weeks ago? You don't have to answer these questions. I know you are not happy with any of these stands. Yet you continue to support the party that has absolutely no problem with any of these policies. Oh, I know they say they do, but they are not going to actually do anything to change them, are they?

Finally, thank you for your spelling corrections. I do suffer from a mild form of dyslexia and your help is most appreciated. I depend on smart people like yourself to point out my errors (because as everybody with dyslexia knows, good spelling equals smart). I will look into a better spell checker. That will help me out too. If only your party's troubles could be fixed as easily.
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