Friday, January 23, 2009

Does This Sound Like A Guy Ready To Support The Budget?

Iggy today:
"I asked Mr. Harper not to play games like that. I told him, put the facts and figures on the table, don't let them slip out at his convenience. But the guy just can't help himself," said Ignatieff. "He thinks it's all some kind of political game but the release of this budget information was irresponsible and costly to our economy."
I don't think he is ready to jump on the Tory Express either. But, if Iggy does end up supporting Psycho Steve, he will have some explaining to do.
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  1. Ignatieff seemed genuinely pissed, when he made those comments. There's no question, this pre-release speaks to political games, and the fact that Harper carries on, despite the obvious potential pitfalls, is alarming and predictable, all at once.

  2. When's the new Throne Speech? Next week?