Friday, January 30, 2009

Iggy Is Rocky Road

I was watching the press gallery pundits on Newman and there is absolutely no question in my mind that they are sick of Harper (and they really despise that know it all prick, Layton). Iggy on the other hand, is the flavor of the month (Newman in particular seems to have a man crush on him). That status can carry Iggy a long way, because the press will overlook the flubs of their favorite flavor. Is that any way to run a modern democracy? You've got me, but that is how it is done in Canada.
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  1. Bah.

    They swooned over Dion, too.

    The press likes a new face -- especially a new Liberal face.

    Give it a few months.

  2. That's what I am thinking. The thing with flavors of the month is they change every month.