Sunday, April 01, 2007

With Harper There Is No Bottom

The financial editor of a CanWest paper says this about Harper's government:
Whatever one thinks about the Canadian Wheat Board, the tactics employed by the Conservative government during its year-long battle with the CWB are reprehensible, undemocratic and possibly illegal.

All Canadians should be concerned about the depths to which the Conservatives will sink in order to sink the Canadian Wheat Board.
The Tories are even making people who would normally support them, blush. I guess the Tories are so confident they are going to sweep Quebec and Ontario, they are writing off Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

It is fortunate that the national media elites in this country are so Toronto-centric. They really don't care whether barley and wheat farmers get screwed over by the government (When they came for the wheat farmers, I was not a farmer so I said nothing). Harper's shameless attack on democracy says a lot about the man and his governing philosophy. Both need much closer scrutiny. Neither will happen, much to our regret, down the road.
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