Friday, April 20, 2007

The Most Rational Thing I Have Heard Today About Kyoto

Louise Comeau of the Sage Centre said on CTV:
"What he (Baird) needs to do... is to announce next week that we will take full responsibility for any shortfall in our objectives and we will roll that into our future targets," said Comeau.

"That's not what's coming -- the minister will announce next week that industry will receive a target that will in fact allow Canada to continue increasing emissions well through 2012 and at about 2020 still be about 11 per cent above our Kyoto targets."
Why won't Baird just say, "Right, we will try to make our 2012 targets, but if we can't we will accept the penalties under Kyoto and meet those targets instead."? It is because the government has no intention of living up to any target set by Kyoto, ever. If the Tories really want to have an election about this, I for one would not mind it.

Update: Harper should ask his mentor how not taking any action at all is working out for the Australian economy.
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