Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gee, I Wonder How The Liberals Will Vote On This One?

The NDP put forward its own motion on Afghanistan today:
(1) all Members of this House, whatever their disagreements about the mission in Afghanistan, support the courageous men and women of the Canadian Forces; (2) the government has admitted that the situation in Afghanistan can not be won militarily; (3) the current counter-insurgency mission is not the right mission for Canada; (4) the government has neither defined what ‘victory’ would be, nor developed an exit strategy from this counter-insurgency mission; therefore this House condemns this government and calls for it to immediately notify NATO of our intention to begin withdrawing Canadian Forces now in a safe and secure manner from the counter-insurgency mission in Afghanistan; and calls for Canada to focus its efforts to assist the people of Afghanistan on a diplomatic solution, and re-double its commitment to reconstruction and development.
My guess is, the Liberals will stick with the government's 2009 date, until either a) an election is called, or b) the NDP's numbers go up. At that point they will claim it was really their motion (but they had to vote against it because all the cool kids told them they would laugh at them if they didn't) and that all progressives should flock to them "for the good of the country".
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